Advanced Mediumship with Megan Moira 2022

This course is for those spiritually gifted ready to commit to their growth and success.

In this 6-week class, you will learn how to further develop your Spiritual gifts and have the opportunity to practice your craft

Each week, we will meet by Zoom and focus on different teachings and trainings that will help you to:

        • Understand how you are getting intuitive and mediumship information and how to strengthen your abilities.
        • Learn all the ways your intuition and mediumship abilities can be utilized to your advantage professionally (psychic, mediumship, animal communication and medical intuitive abilities)
        • Work with trust issues and other areas where you feel blocked.
        • Strengthen your relationship with your Guides, spirit, and learn more about your connection.
        • Be aware of how to protect your energy and recharge your energy consistently while doing this professionally.
        • How to succeed as a psychic medium, including how to engage with clients and marketing yourself successfully.
        • Discover how to get information clearly.
        • How to work with various situations clients ask of you.
        • Get all your biggest questions answered on how to succeed professionally as a medium.

By participating in this class, you will learn to advance your skills, and you will receive the confirmation and validation through opportunities to practice in this safe space that will help build your confidence, clarity, and trust. You will be given tools, techniques, and tips that you can incorporate into your own practice and use over and over again resulting in the success of your profession.

630pm PST/730pm MST/930pm EST Wednesday evenings December 7th until January 11th.

Your 6 week course investment is $333.

Register now and email me at with any questions about the course. I’m excited to help all of you step into your power and succeed in this profession.

What You Need To Know About Energy Cleansing:

For Land, Homes & People

This is a specialized course for mediums to be aware of how to properly assess and handle a situation with a spirit or other entities of various kinds that have attached to or are haunting a person, land or home, and how to help determine what needs to be done to bring peace to the client in need of your services.

As you build your business, clients will reach out for this service and you will come across some clients experiencing this. I will teach you how to know if they need a clearing and how to, how to protect yourself during the cleansing and help you determine proper pricing for this service. I will also teach you how to determine if you need to delegate the situation to someone else. Your investment for this course is $377.

The first segment will be teaching, the second evening will be to answer your questions regarding the subject. Please keep paper and a pen on hand to take notes.

1/10&1/17 from 5pm PST-8pm PST/6pm MST-9pm MST/8pm EST-11pm EST

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